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About me

Who I am

Hi there, my name is Milan Lund and I work freelance in Brno, Czech Republic where the headquarters of Kentico Software is situated. I am a Web Developer and I specialize in creating websites on Kentico products. I am a Kentico Certified Developer. Previously, I worked in Kentico Software as a Technical Leader for front-end development and participated in other roles such as technical support for customers of Kentico Software; I have also written articles for the developer community. I now offer my services and experience of my own accord in the field of ​​creating digital projects.

I help companies & web agencies develop websites on Kentico products.

I am a freelance Web Developer, Kentico Certified Developer, Kentico Silver Partner and Kentico Cloud Partner.

Technical skills

Web templates


  • HTML
  • Pug


  • CSS
  • LESS
  • SASS
  • BEM


  • Vanilla Javascript
  • jQuery

Task runners:

  • Gulp
  • Grunt
  • Web compiler


  • Adobe Photoshop

Kentico CMS & EMS


Setup application on Windows Server, IIS and MSSQL

Website development:

Integrate web templates and build a complete website in Portal engine

Custom development:

Simple Web parts, Widgets and Custom Macros



Kentico Cloud


Node.js environment on Heroku or Azure


Integrate web templates and build a complete website in Javascript on the Node.js platform

My co-operation with Kentico Software

The Kentico team and I have become good friends. We discuss prototypes for new features in their products. Sometimes, we hang out. I am also a recognized Kentico Silver Partner, Kentico Cloud Partner and Kentico Certified Developer. I proudly only use Kentico for website development.

  • Kentico Silver Partner
  • Kentico Cloud Partner
  • Kentico Certified Developer