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Conditions of co-operation

Before we start working together, I would like to ask you to acknowledge the conditions below.


I run a freelance business. That means I have multiple standing clients who come to me with new projects or maintenance tasks. Based on that, I can work full time for one client only for a limited amount of time. Part-time and occasional co-operation is possible long-term. However, for new clients, the best option is to discuss the current situation directly with me on hello@milanlund.com.

Type of work

I accept only projects that use Kentico CMS/EMS or Kentico Cloud.

  • I can create web templates based on provided designs by a client. Based on them I can create a website in Kentico CMS/EMS or Kentico Cloud.
  • In Kentico CMS/EMS I implement websites using Portal Engine. Regarding custom .NET development, I can create simple Web parts, Widgets, Macros and Event handlers.
  • In Kentico Cloud, I implement websites using Node.js.


I work 100% remotely from Brno, Czech Republic. The timezone is GMT +1. If inevitable, I am open to occasional traveling.


I work based on an hourly rate which is 60 USD / 50 EUR / 45 GBP / 1200 CZK. For European clients, I accept payments via bank transfers. For clients from other countries, I accept payments via PayPal.

To give you an idea of total project development costs, here are examples of what I have done and approximate prices:

Milan Lund

is a freelance web developer and a proud Basenji owner. His specialties are Kentico CMS/EMS and Kentico Cloud.

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