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How to install Kentico step by step

The Kentico documentation comprehensively describes all the standard ways how to install Kentico on your machine but in a very general way. So there is no step by step tutorial showing a specific use case of installing Kentico and that’s something you could miss. My intention is to provide you with such a tutorial which tells you what exactly you should do to successfully run Kentico on your computer. The downside of such a very specific scenario is that it could differ from yours but still it is a helpful outline.

How to install Kentico step by step

Install Windows 8

Install all updates in Control panel > System and security > Windows Update.

In Control panel > Programs > Turn Windows features on or off enable (also described here)

  • Internet information services > World wide web > Application development features > ASP.NET 4.5
  • Internet information services > World wide web > Common HTTP features > Static content

Install SQL Server 2014 Express and SQL Server 2014 Management Studio Express

Install IIS 8.0 

Install Kentico

  • use Custom installation
  • use database server the same as you are provided in the “Connect to Server” window in the SQL Management studio
  • use Windows authentication 

In the final step of the Kentico installation you will get url of a new website. Open it in a browser.

  • If you are lucky Kentico initial page shows up. If not you probably get an System error which tells you need to add the following application key into the <AppSettings> section of the web.config file: <add key="CMSDisplayApplicationErrorMessages" value="true">
  • Find the web.config file in X:\inetpub\wwwroot\YourKenticoInstance\CMS, in Properties > Security allow yourself to Write and Modify the file 
  • Open the web.config file and paste the key mentioned above in the <AppSettings> section and save the web.config file.
  • If you request the Kentico site again you probably get a SQL Conection error “Cannot open database "YourDbName" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE'.” Open SQL management Studio and create a new login NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE in the Security > Logins.
  • In Properties > User Mapping grant the user with the db_owner role for the Kentico database. 

Open the url of the new website in a browser. Kentico should be up and running.

Your process of installing prerequisites and Kentico could differ from mine. If you notice any difference or obstacle please share it in comments.

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