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Case studies

Anybody hotel

The wildest developer ride. I created a web site, a booking system, and an app that controls music and lights in the hotel rooms.

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Documentation portal for Kentico Kontent

A complex website that provides tutorials, API reference, e-learning, and integrates third-party services.

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Cesty k uspechu for Komercni banka

I helped Komercni banka choose Kentico EMS and created the Cesty k uspechu website.

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Jobs Portal for Kentico Software

The place the talented find out they wanna love their job.

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.cloud Official Registry for Aruba S.p.A.

Discover where you can get the .cloud domain name or become a registrar.

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Migration tool for Kontent by Kentico

Migrate all your data from obsolete systems to Kentico Kontent.

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Other co-operations