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Anybody hotel

Anybody hotel

When I was introduced to the vision of the hotel, I knew this is not an ordinary web project. I was tempted to step out of my comfort zone and participate in an unseen piece of work with creative people from different fields. My responsibility was and still is to design, implement, and maintain technology solutions for the hotel.

  • Booking system with unattended check-in and check-out.
  • Online purchase process.
  • Game guide in the hotel room. 
  • I implemented a booking system

    One of the priorities is to ensure the hotel guests have privacy. Also, we didn't want to run the reception in the hotel.  At the time of building the hotel, there wasn't any off-shelf booking system that satisfied all our needs. Therefore, we created our own booking system.

    • The booking system is built as a REST API that is consumed by multiple services, i.e. website or a back-office portal.
    • Guests can create a booking, check-in to the hotel room, and check-out. All of that is on-line.
    • We created our custom locks that are connected to the booking system.
    • We created a back-office portal that makes it possible to manage bookings, accounts, and provide data analytics.
  • I created an online purchase process

    The goal was to create a web site where guests can

    • choose the right room and book a night or
    • buy a gift voucher.

    To achieve that:

    • I created a web site on the Node.js platform and Express.js server.
    • I integrated multiple payment gateways.
    • I implemented a system for discount coupons.
    • I created a connection to the booking system. 
  • I implemented a game guide for the hotel rooms

    Each of the hotel rooms has a unique game inside. The game consists of audio recordings of actors and music. Also, there is smart color lighting in the rooms. My objective was to create an interface that will guide guests throughout the game and make them control the lights. The result is:

    • A multiplatform tablet app that
    • plays audio tracks grouped in playlists,
    • automatically controls the color and intensity of the lighting to support the game atmosphere,
    • make guests control the lights manually thanks to the Philips Hue technology.

    Read about my experiments and the path to the Philips Hue integration.