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Cesty k uspechu for Komercni banka

Cesty k uspechu for Komercni banka

Komercni banka decided to choose a new CMS for their new website. There were several CMSes on the table and Kentico was one of them. They hired me to help them make the right decision. The key parts of our co-operation were:

  • Consulting Kentico capabilities.
  • Re-working an existing website in Kentico for the presales decision process.
  • Redesigning the Cesty k uspechu (The Path to Success) website when they decided to go with Kentico.
  • We consulted Kentico capabilities

    During the presales process I consulted with the client capabilities of Kentico EMS to find out whether it is the right CMS for their needs. I re-worked their existing website in Kentico as a presentation delivering:

    • Optimisations for mobile devices,
    • Performance optimisations,
    • Transferred the website features from their proprietary CMS to Kentico,
    • Documentation of how to manage the website in Kentico.
  • I led a workshop for the client's employees

    When Komercni banka was sure Kentico is the right choice, they asked me to do train their employees. During the training we covered the content management part of Kentico.

  • We redesigned the Cesty k uspechu website

    Based on the client's  requirements and designs I delivered a technical solution for the Cesty k uspěchu website.  It is a portal for a TV series about successful businessman's stories. On the website you can watch episodes and find other complementary content.

  • I delivered a technical solution

    My role in the Cesty k uspechu project was to deliver a complete technical solution. This involved:

    • Create web templates based on client's designs,
    • Integrate web templates in Kentico EMS,
    • Implement website behavior according to requirements,
    • Deploy the complete website on their infrastructure.