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.cloud Official Registry for Aruba S.p.A.

.cloud Official Registry for Aruba S.p.A.

Aruba acquired licence for the .cloud top-level domain. They needed to promote the service and provide availability search.

After discussing requirements with the client we found 4 key parts of the project to be delivered:

  1. Develop web templates based on their designs.
  2. Create a complete website in Kentico EMS.
  3. Integrate advanced search engine for domains.
  4. Incorporate Google Calendar into the website.
  • I developed web templates based on their designs

    Client delivered designs with copy in PSD files. Based on these designs I delivered web templates in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

  • I created a complete website in Kentico EMS

    Working in the client's hosting environment with Kentico already installed I

    • Created the whole page structure,
    • Integrated web templates,
    • Incorporated other elements to deliver a full web experience.
  • I integrated advanced search engine for domains

    • I developed a Javascript integration with DomainsBot to provide information on availability of .cloud domains. 
    • I enriched the integration with information about domain sellers and their prices from custom database.
  • I incorporated Google Calendar into the website

    I developed a Javascript library that displays Google Calendar events in your custom design on your website. This library is publicly available on GitHub.

Andrea Mancini
Head of UX/UI Design at Aruba S.p.A.

I worked with Milan in a multidisciplinary team on creating international projects. Milan is an excellent collaborator and team member. He shows great attention to detail and is an expert in front-end development. He is also great with Kentico EMS.