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Jobs Portal for Kentico Software

Jobs Portal for Kentico Software

Kentico decided to separate the Careers section from their company website. The key requirement was to improve the flexibility of managing content and design for the HR department. At the same time, Kentico launched a new product - Kontent.ai. We agreed that this is a perfect opportunity to eat their own dog food.

With the support of the client I worked through 4 steps of the website development:

  1. Transform the design of the current Careers section into a standalone website. 
  2. Design content structure in Kontent.ai.
  3. Develop front-end and back-end for the website.
  4. Establish long-term support for further improvements.
  • I transformed design of the current section into a standalone website

    There was an existing Careers section on the main company website. I reworked information architecture and visual design of the section to make it presentable as a standalone website.

  • I designed content structure in Kontent.ai

    I designed a content structure that

    1. is easily manageable by the content editors, 
    2. is operable programmatically.
  • I developed front-end and back-end for the website

    • I wrote front-end in Pug templates and used LESS as a CSS pre-processor. I wrote back-end in pure Javascript on the Node.js platform. The website is hosted by Kentico in Azure. 
    • At the time of development, an official Javascript SDK for Kontent.ai wasn't available. I developed an unofficial Delivery SDK that is suitable for Node.js websites.
  • I established long-term support for further improvements

    The key requirement for flexibility was fulfilled. Now the Kentico team is continuously coming up with new ideas. I am helping to bring them to life.

    After Kontent.ai became a standalone company, I migrated the website to Kentico Xperience.

Lukas Martinak
Customer Success Director at Kentico Software

Milan has always been honest, helpful, and professional. We can really count on him to deliver what he promises. He is a passionate developer who knows what he’s doing and, moreover, he is able to teach others as well.