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Migration tool for Kontent by Kentico

Migration tool for Kontent by Kentico

Kentico and I decided to make it easy to import data from various data sources to Kentico Kontent. We agreed on creating an open-source tool that will satisfy most common scenarios for data migration.

They gave me a freedom in choosing technology for this project. However, there were several requirements I had to meet:

  • Create user interfaces for editors and programmers.
  • Make it possible to migrate data from JSON and CSV formats.
  • Pay attention to user experience.
  • Document the tool.
  • I created user interfaces for programmers and editors

    • For programmers, I created the API endpoint interface that they can use in code with ease. 
    • For editors, I created the graphical user interface that uses the API endpoint interface under the hood.
  • I made it possible to migrate data from JSON and CSV formats

    Various data sources export data in various formats. We decided that the most crucial are JSON and CSV. I made it possible to import data in both formats.

  • I paid attention to user experience

    • As it is not always easy to compose migration data in predefined formats, I made it possible to generate blueprints for them.
    • During the import process, the tool shows logs about current activity and notifies users when something goes wrong.
  • I documented the tool

    As the Migration tool is an open-source application, it is crucial to make users understand how to use it. In the repository, I described all the technical elements. In separate blog posts, I explained how to use the tool and migrate data from Kentico CMS.

Jan Lenoch
Developer Advocate at Kentico Software

It was a pleasure to work with Milan. He has a solid technical background, both in frontend and backend. Moreover, he thinks of needs of users much more than most developers do. That makes him a great freelancer.