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Hi, I am Milan Lund!
Freelance Web Developer

Helping companies develop and maintain digital projects that utilize Kontent.ai and Kentico.

I am responsible for the technical aspects of websites. I create web templates and backends with the use of Kontent.ai or Kentico. I integrate 3rd party services and I have overlaps in design or SEO. With me, clients can rely on quality communication and reliability.

Case studies

Cesty k uspechu for Komercni banka

I helped Komercni banka choose Kentico EMS and created the Cesty k uspechu website.

See case study

Documentation portal for Kontent.ai

A complex website that provides tutorials, API reference, e-learning, and integrates third-party services.

See case study
  • Victoria Rossihin
    Founder/CEO at Informed Motion Group

    Milan has been an integral part of our organization for many years now. We worked on multiple projects together with various levels of difficulties and I can’t imagine working on a Kentico project without his participation. You can always rely on the most honest and informed advice from him as well as the quality and speed of code implementation. He is a real asset to our team, and I highly recommend his services.

  • Jan Cerman
    Senior Content Developer at Kontent.ai

    Over the course of two years, Milan has helped us to build a documentation portal for a SaaS product. Thanks to the third-party services integrations and ongoing optimization, we were able to improve customer's experience in solving problems and provide higher value in education. If you are looking for a developer who fulfills your (even wild) requirements and helps you bring your vision to life, Milan is the one.

  • Andrea Mancini
    Head of UX/UI Design at Aruba S.p.A.

    I worked with Milan in a multidisciplinary team on creating international projects. Milan is an excellent collaborator and team member. He shows great attention to detail and is an expert in front-end development. He is also great with Kentico EMS.

  • Fabio Xodo
    Software Development Manager at Internet CZ

    Milan is a highly proficient consultant, able to provide competence about all aspect of his job. He is responsible, precise, fast and friendly; working with him has been so far always pleasant and, of course, successful.