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Side projects

  • Node.js Delivery SDK for Kentico Kontent

    The Unofficial SDK for the Kentico Kontent Delivery API. The SDK allows you to get complete content for a current view from the Kentico Kontent storage easily, and simplify response for you to be able to operate and render obtained data.

    Check on Github
  • Request Delivery

    An online tool that helps you request Kentico Kontent storage with ease and overview obtained content in JSON format. A perfect tool for developers who use Kentico Kontent.

    Check the tool
  • Format Google Calendar

    The Javascript library that helps you to get events from a public Google calendar and display them in your custom design on a website.

    Check on Github
  • HTML to BEM

    An online tool that transpiles your HTML code that uses the BEM methodology to a BEM template in CSS or LESS languages.

    Check the tool